Carolyn Graham

Facilitation & Chairing

Carolyn Graham is an experienced chair and facilitator who helps devise and run effective meetings. As facilitator, she helps organisations clarify objectives, reach consensus and keep focussed on delivering effective outcomes. She brings the benefit of a mediator's impartiality and analytical clarity to any situation, making communication - and ultimately decision making - easier.

Carolyn is used to handling complex group dynamics and is experienced in facilitating in emotionally challenging situations.

Carolyn can help design and facilitate small or large groups in meetings lasting from one hour up to two days.


Examples of work undertaken


  • Round table meeting between several officers of Hackney council, two officers from the local police force and a local resident wishing to discuss an alleged mishandling of her complaint the Council's complaints procedure
  • Board Annual Away Day for Poole Lighthouse Arts Centre
  • Away Day for Communications Cluster of International Secretariat of Amnesty International to engage team in organisational vision/international strategic plan and communications strategy
  • AGM with Shareholders of Estates Management Company, Estmanco (Besford & Dinmont) Limited

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