Carolyn Graham

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Looking for a quick, pragmatic and cost effective way of resolving business and workplace disputes? Based in North London, Carolyn Graham mediates commercial, civil, employment and workplace disputes across all sectors, throughout the UK.

Accredited by CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) in 2003, Carolyn combines knowledge of the business and workplace environment with commercial instincts and highly developed people skills. Experience includes time limited mediations, multi party and team disputes.

Carolyn is on the mediation panels of ADRChambers, CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution), Effective Dispute Solutions Ltd and is senior consultant to employment and workplace mediation specialists Consensio. Member of the Civil Mediation Council


About mediation


  • What is it? Mediation can resolve longstanding problems. It is a relatively quick and informal process where an independent neutral (the mediator) holds a series of individual and joint meetings with the parties in dispute to help them come to an agreed settlement. Mediation is confidential, with any agreement (in commercial mediations) only becoming binding upon signature.
  • Why consider it? Mediation can save time, stress, uncertainty and expense. It provides an alternative to settling a dispute through the courts and tribunals. It can help rebuild broken relationships. In mediation, the parties keep control and they alone decide if and how the dispute is resolved.
  • When can it be used? Many disputes can be resolved by mediation. Although most mediations take place over one day, it is a flexible process and depending on the case, Carolyn can advise whether telephone or time limited mediation may be appropriate.


Cases mediated

“has good instincts about what matters” More

Sector experience includes :

Arts & Entertainment (theatre, tv & film, publishing, music industry)
Building Construction
Community (noise, harassment, anti-social behaviour)
Employment (race discrimination)
Higher Education
Housing Association
Intellectual Property
Press & PR
Property Management
Workplace (stress, bullying & harrassment, breach of confidentiality).
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“Built rapport very well” More

“Dealt with the authority problems really well”

“Very friendly but quite firm and is good at keeping everything right on track”

“The mediation was very well run and the mediator did a great deal to put us at our ease throughout the process.”

“Had a very calming influence on everyone there”

“She achieved the right balance of control and flexibility to make us feel that we were working within a structure and yet still have enough control ourselves to take it in the direction we were comfortable to go”

“I was impressed by the ability of the mediator to grasp and summarise the essence and the undertones of what people were expressing”




March 2004, ‘PROMPT’, Theatrical Management Association “MEDIATION : an excellent way to resolve disputes” Download this article >

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